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It is now 40 years since specialized touchstyle instruments have been commercially available. I sometimes hear comments that indicate that touchstyle may not have attained a high level of use in the world compared with other musical instruments. So, here is a series of questions of value to anyone who has an interest in the role of touchstyle in mainstream culture. The questions are meant to generate opinion and commentary rather than statistical accuracy and precision:

1. Are touchstyle instruments "perceived" to be "advanced" musical instruments meant only for experienced musicians?

2. Do "most" people who acquire a touchstyle instrument already have experience and training with another musical instrument?

3. What percentage of touchstyle purchases are made by raw beginners with absolutely no musical training on any instrument at all?

4. Are touchstyle instruments perceived to be unusually difficult instruments to learn and play?

5. Do touchstyle proponents "want" these instruments to have a greater cultural appeal and visibility?

6. What might some reasons be for the lack of touchstyle visibilty and use?

7. How does the touchstyle world go about attaining a greater presence in mainstream musical culture?


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