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Some Progressive Neoclassical fun!

Okay, this one is another guitar shred fest (That's what I do!) - but the Stick is in there - It's all I use for my bass line. I've kind of settled on a much less squishy sound for the Stick and am actually playing it a lot more agin. I don't know, I might have burned myself out trying to learn the darned thing. All good because if nothing else, it plays an integral collaborative role in what I create with sort of crazy rock stuff in mind... The name of the game is fun! And when I was on holidays I was reading a bunch of Lovecraft like I always do hahaha  :D 

The Stick parts are pretty simple, but there is a couple of ascending/descending 4's runs that are kind of a nightmare on a regular bass, not to mention I can't get that low C on my 4 string. This was the Grand (bass side mostly) but I have it tuned to Classic at the moment. The 5ths tuning just happens to work out for what I am doing right now with my music sketches.

So yeah, C Harmonic Minor over G - that intro bit is a sequenced C min/maj7 arpeggio added to a C Harmonic minor scale bit over G-Ab-F I guess the common guitarist lingo for that mode of Harmonic Minor is G Phrygian Dominant (Our school called it Mixolydian b9b13) Whatever, it's cool. Been listening to a lot of Dimeola lately (YEAH!!! Race With Devil On Spanish Highways...) And of course the Malmsteen Macalpine Moore thing is a lot of fun. 

Anyways, it was lots of fun to create and just because the Stick parts aren't in the spotlight doesn't mean they aren't important to the tune, right? Have a good one guys.

Big George Waters

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Totally rad !!

I'm just catching up here before I turn in, I just listened to what was posted by the other cat, which was like the complete opposite if what I am hearing here !!


All good - no limits or boundries here 😉 😉 😉 


Big George W

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