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I'm going to build a 12-string from scratch, something like a Megatar or a Krappy one. To buy one is a little bit above the budget, I'm pretty sure I could build one for about $100-$200.
Is there anyone who already embarked on that adventure?

I'll do the design as simple as possible, probably a one piece, neck and body in one.
I'll cut the one piece in an old aged piece of wood.
To keep the costs down I'll probably buy everything from ebay, cheapest price, for a normal guitar, and then just double it. Two frets next to each-other, 6 right hand machine heads, 6 lef hands, 2 bridges,... etc.

I'm wondering if I'd need to buy special pick up's for the touch style, will regulars do? The frets are probably less thick, or is it the same?

All constructive advice is welcome!


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A couple of thoughts for you.  You might want to think about a shape similar to the Chapman Railboard.  You can have a look at some of the specs here (  I know it's metal, but the design might be of interest to you.  Second, Fouke Industrial Guitars ( have some very neat designs that can provide ideas.  Again, metal, (I think you can tell my preferences here.)  

As for my own (obvious) preference, I'm having Craig from Sonorus Tappers make me something quite original. You can see it here: Delightful guy who likes to share ideas.  As for pickups, I would be surprised if they would have to be special. Some creators have them specially wound which may impact on your budget. However, with the price of a number of pickups that I've seen on ebay, you can buy them and try them out.  It's also a great learning process.  

No matter what, you're going to have fun, and (ahem), frustration.
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