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I learned this from Prometeus Guitars, a luthier of affordable custom extended range basses.

Buy D'Addario 'Loop End' plain steel strings.
They are made for use with Banjo and Mandolin but for some reason are extremely long at 118cm (46.5") measured from the edge of the loop.
Gauges are .001 steps from .008  to .018 plus .0095 and .0115.
The loop end is nicely formed and circular with an internal diameter of roughly 5.5mm.

To act as ball-ends / ferrules, buy M6 grub screws / set screws in 5mm length:

DIN 913 M6X5 A2 Stainless Flat Set Screw Metric.jpg 

The thread creates a groove for the string's loop to sit securely in.
To insert a screw, place it on the end of a 3mm hex key and simply screw the screw into the loop until the loop sits centrally.

When a string reaches the end of it's life, you use the screw for the new string, no unnecessary waste generated and less wasting of metal resources.

Big George Waters

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Good info there !!

I'll be doing some string shopping on Saturday.


Big George W

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