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Ran across this ad in an old 1992 issue of Guitar Player Magazine.


Still being built & history going back to the mid 1950s.

There are a number of youtube videos - just search for "Dave Bunker Touch Guitar"

The latest model has hexaphonic pickups & and an electronic dampening system - The strings are electrically isolated from each other & when you touch a string it opens a noise gate for that particular string (if I understand it correctly). No physical dampening pad required.

It's a little pricey - there's a lot of electronics & pickups - but it looks like it comes standard with MIDI - which would make it competitive with other MIDI-fied tapping instruments.

The older model in the ad has double strings on the top 3 (guitar neck) - Dave plays a country style & these might be maj 3rd, flatted 3rd, etc,... for doing bends?

Anyway I thought this was an interesting instrument - that I've never heard about up until now.

* I deleted the huge youtube links - never could size them correctly.


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Have you had any luck finding ANYONE playing one of these other than Dave Bunker?
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