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Direct serious inquiries to P1010004.jpg 
Big George Waters

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Man, you got all kinds of neat stuff for sale... what's going on here, just time to start parting with a collection of fine instruments ??

I mean - this is all stuff you'll never see anywhere else !!


My Vintage Country Squire Station Wagon is having other ideas with what I do with my money these days [custom aluminum radiator/derale dual electric fan set up is not working out, as stray voltage is still passing through the coolant and is eating up the aluminum radiator - and this baby is a massive 4 core job !!] otherwise I would have jumped on the Patrick Megatar that you had for sale, because those are quite scarce as well now.


Big George W

           East Derby CT

Mobius Megatar - tuned in Classic Stick Tuning [5ths/4ths]

M.Megatar Toneweaver - tuned in Major 3rds

Warr Phalanx 12 - tuned in 5ths [melody], 4ths [bass]

NS Stick Transparent Green w/Moses graphite neck, tuned in 8-string Guitar Intervals

digitech, T.C. Electronics, ART, Lexicon, GK, Markbass, EA, Bag End, Guild/Hartke, SWR, EV, Radial, Ampeg, Trace Elliot, Furman



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