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So I have been focused a lot on guitar lately again (It's my bread and butter, gotta do it!) and a major part of that focus is developing a "wrist" picking mechanic as opposed to the "elbow" one that I have employed for, like my whole life. Now I thought I'd do a jam, and make a quick video showing the progress so far (he technique is still full of holes, tons of examination and practice to be done...) And while it represents a sort of milestone ( a milestone with a major step backwards in technical ability hahaha) in my playing thus far, what I have really gained here is not on the video.

Too often, I have just "practiced" my way through things believing that anything was possible with the aid of a metronome and gross amounts of time. That is a myth. And a great way to waste a lot of time practicing things that may never really truly come to fruition.

I mean, there is a reason that Yngwie is so good at "Yngwie" type stuff, and never, ever attempts to do what Eric Johnson does (And vice versa) It's because these guys have a certain proclivity to play certain things because of their picking mechanic, and said picking mechanic only works for certain things in regards to alternate picking, sweeping, economy picking, etc.

So, it begs the question; are we as tappers kind of doing the same thing with our respective tapping instruments? It's gotten me thinking about what's possible and what's practical, that's all. 

Anyways, enjoy the video - I hope y'all dig it, it's one of those crash and burn types of things... (And yes, I tapped in it if only for just a moment! hahaha)

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