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Patriots writer says Steelers are 'late to the party' on move to man coverage

they continue to stare of up New England as they keep right on winning. Pittsburgh is looking to make some changes to try and pull ahead of the Patriots, but according to Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald,When it comes to the AFC the talk seems to always center on the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots. And unfortunately for the Steelers, it’s too little too late.

History doesn’t favor the Steelers as Guregian points out.

Well,Authentic LeGarrette Blount Jersey, Tom Terrific threw for 384 yards and three touchdowns in the AFC title game against a Steelers defensive scheme everyone rightly predicted he’d torch. For his career,Authentic Derek Barnett Jersey, Brady has been finding the soft spots in their zone defenses,Terry Bradshaw Jersey, and picking them apart. Five months ago,Authentic Jack Lambert Jersey, we’re glad to see someone finally put their thinking caps on in the Steel City. Because for more years than we can count, he’s 10-2 vs. the Steelers, having thrown 29 TD passes against them.

She points to the additions of wide receiver Brandin Cooks and running back Rex Burkhead as New England staying proactive as a way to counter more man coverage. The Patriots didn’t see a lot of man schemes in 2016, but when they did it was their toughest challenge.

they are only thinking about getting better. The Steelers defense didn’t offer much resistance in 2016,LeGarrette Blount Jersey,Derek Barnett Jersey,But the Patriots aren’t thinking about the Steelers,Authentic Terry Bradshaw Jersey,Authentic Jerome Bettis Jersey, and so when they make moves for players like Cooks and Burkhead they are looking big picture.

those additions are just new challenges for the Steelers’ defense. If we are being honest,Jerome Bettis Jersey,Jack Lambert Jersey,Meanwhile, the best weapon the Pittsburgh defense might have is the offense. It’s a unit that can hang in a shootout but also control the ball with the run game.

Did the Steelers do enough to catch the Patriots? be sure to comment below if you think the Steelers are ready to beat New England.

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