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I've recently been interested in taking one of my old guitars and setting it up as a tapper. But, I want to have some good instructional materials available to learn from. I have found a few guitar tapping instructional products (the titles below are linked to the sources):

Chad Johnson - Guitar Tapping - Book

Marc Belkadi - Progressive Tapping - Book

Loannis Anastassakis - 60 Tapping Licks - Book

Chris Letchford - Guide to Tapping 6-String Guitar - Book

Beginner Guitar Tapping Lessons - Online Lessons

One-On-One Tapping Lessons - Online Lessons

If anyone knows of any more good resources, let me know.


- Megatar Classic, Max Tapper 12-String
- Warr Guitar, Artist 12-String with MIDI
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Hey! There is the Two-Handed Tapping Guitar Workshop by Adam Fulara.


(Scroll down the page). This is a book and DVD for $30.

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The Stanley Jordan Video, Also the Steve Lynch one; Both are pretty handy. Stanley's is crazy good, a lot to absorb...
"The Two Hand Touch" By Dave Celantano (sp?)
Jennifer Batten Guitar Player Columns
Eddie Van Halen tune excerpts
Joe Satriani tunes (ie Midnight, Day at The Beach, etc)
Animals as Leaders (Tosin Abasi) tunes

 "Must HAVES" For Stick;
Bob Culbertson "Lessons On The Stick" DVD
Steve Adelson "Ultimate Stick" DVD
Greg Howard "Basic Free Hands Technique" DVD

Free Hands By Emmett Chapman
The Stick Book By Greg Howard
The Greg Howard Songbook
Stickology by Steve Adelson


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I've been looking for some good material to learn how to play my Sonorus tapper. I find it difficult to part with the money when I don't know if the material provided will work on my tapper with its tuning.

Courtesy or Warr guitar:
B E A D G C<>B E A D G C This is an Uncrossed 4ths tuning. String #6 (B) is the lowest bass string, and string #12 (B) is the lowest guitar string. Nothing is inverted. It is called "uncrossed" as hands are not reaching across one set of strings to play the other, as in most standard stereo tap-guitar tunings, such as tuning #1 above. The left hand still plays bass, but now the bass strings are strings 1-6, and not 7-12 as in tuning #1. Strings #1-6 have the same open string pitches as standard 6-string bass. Our Phalanx 12 models were designed with this tuning in mind, but it is available on any 12-string Warr Guitar. This is a very symmetric tuning, as nothing is inverted, and both sides of the guitar are an octave apart.

It's not Chapman and that makes it harder to find good material on.
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