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I've decided to let this rare piece of history go. Its the very first SRB-648 (serial number 001). Definitely one for the collectors.
It also has 2 shadow midi systems installed and the sensors are in the saddles but it is missing the outputs which should be easy to purchase and connect, they simply screw on and plug in to the existing wiring below the bridge.
The systems are super sensitive and track much better than the Roland hex pu's but I found that the 2 systems would bleed into each other because of the 12 saddles touching each other hence I switched to using Roland GK3's after that to minimize bleeding between the 2 sets of strings. Its still usable though.
The guitar looks in used condition but that's understandable for a number 1 and I will re assemble it with a new bridge and 12 individual tuners like the current models.
Asking price US$2000 plus shipping.

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