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Hey guys, looking at a 12 string Warr and wondering if it can be tuned from lowest to highest like a "regular" 12 string bass rather than the traditional warr tunings. The one in the picture is a 10 string and is tuned in 4ths Low B to Ab. 

Alternatively, could it be tuned 6x6 without the bass being inverted?

At the moment its tuned in inverted 5ths at BEADGC on the bass side and 4ths at C# F# B E A D on the melody.

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Interesting, i'm sceptical of that being tuned BEADGCFBbEbAb because the highest pitch possible on a 34" scale is around D4, or maybe as high as F#4 with a special material .007 or .0067 from Octave 4 Plus.

The biggest issue with 12 strings in 4ths is that the lowest strings will be huge, up to .266, and that will be difficult, and possibly impossible, to string through-body, the saddle and string-through hole would need modification and it's possible that the intonation offset will not travel far enough to intonate such a large string.
12 strings in fourths would have to be G#C#F#BEADGCFBbEb and a gauge near .266 would be necessary for the lowest.

If all saddles and string-through holes are identical in position, size etc. then non-inverted bass should be possible,
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